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50m pool

Swimming September 2017

At Surrey Sports Park we have already begun making changes to our swimming facilities to improve your experience of our pool and sauna & steam rooms. To do this, a few things will be happening during August & September 2017. Should you have any queries about the changes we are making, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us at feedback@surreysportspark.co.uk

Swimming Pool Closure

We will be closing our pool from Monday 28 August for 1 week to do some essential maintenance work. During this time we will be undergoing works which will improve our swimming changing area and pool hygiene. Not only this, but we have already begun our refurbishment on our Sauna & Steam rooms to give you the best experience possible at Surrey Sports Park.

Why are we closing the pool?

We are closing our swimming pool for the first time in 7 years since we opened, and over that time we have experienced some maintenance issues which we have planned to fix all in one go. This includes the Sauna & Steam rooms, flooring in the changing village, poolside surroundings and we're also making shower area adjustments to make them more efficient.

Why now?

We have many different users of the pool. There's never a perfect time to close, however, August is a time that we have identified that it would affect the least amount of users. We felt that it was the best time where we can start the new academic year with the introduction of a new swimming timetable and completion of maintenance work.

When is the pool re-opening?

We plan to have the work completed within a week and to re-open our swimming facilities Monday 4 September.*

I've got a swim membership and can't swim during the pool closure?

In order to improve your experience of the pool and to complete the essential work, we need to close the pool to complete the work. It's the first time we've shut the pool for a significant amount of time. It's included in your t&c's that we can close the facilities given notice and we hope you have received notification in time to make alternative arrangements. We apologise for the inconvenience this causes and we hope you will bare with us during this time, and look forward to using our swimming facilities following the closure. 

*Subject to change

Swimming Timetable

From Monday 4 September, we will be introducing a new swimming timetable, which you may notice some significant changes. This timetable will allow more time for public swimming, but also enables us to teach more people in the community to swim with our Surrey Sports Park Swim Academy. This will see a change in pool depths and length at certain times. Pay as you Go swimmers will also see a rise in prices, as we look to increase our prices with inflation. Pay as you Go swim will go from £4.20 to £4.50

Why are you changing the pool timetable?

Following member feedback over the past few years it is our response to lack of public swimming at key times during the day. This has been an 18 month process working alongside our partners to create a plan to suit all different users and their needs. Please see our new timetable here.

Why is it 0.90m deep?

In order for us to continue offering our swim academy lessons and offer additional availability to the public, this is a depth that Swim England recommend for learning to swim, safe for tumble tuns and is also suitable for lane swimming.

Why is there less 50m space?

This is the best way to accommodate all these groups and needs without anyone having to miss out. Although we appreciate 50m swimming is one of the reasons people want to swim here, we need to cater for:

Our expanding student requirements

Allowing public to have access to the pool more often

Increased numbers joining Swim Academy

Continuing to support Guildford City in their elite swimming

Why are Wednesday's not changing?

Wednesdays are our student sport days, where lectures are typically lower, and this allows for students to get involved in sport and physical activity. In order to continue to offer a 50m session on a Wednesday evening (as we appreciate this is a popular session), we have allowed Guildford City swimming to remain training at their current time.

Why are public swim prices changing?

Our public prices have been frozen for over 4 years and unfortunately we cannot continue to operate the pool whilst absorbing the increase in operational costs.