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Swim Academy Home Portal

Log on to Home Portal here

The Swim Academy Home Portal provides an accessible way to track a swimmers progress and record of achievements against key competencies for their level, as well as provide the functionality to move swimmers to a suitable class when they complete each level.

How does it work?

Our swim instructors will be equipped with an iPod Touch to assess the swimmers individually against stage criteria during each swim lesson. The swimmers report will then automatically update ready for you to view online. You will be notified via email when the swimmer is ready to move up a stage and you will be able to choose which date or time you wish to move up to.

How do I get set up on Home Portal?

Once you have joined the Swim Academy you are able to sign up to Home Portal via the below link and using your blue membership card.

For more information about our Swim Academy or questions about Home Portal, please contact swimacademy@surrey.ac.uk or call 01483 686980.