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Pre-Season Training

A well structured pre season training programme can give your team that added advantage when it comes to the start of the season:

Our performance team work with athletes and teams across multiple sports every day and on a full-time basis. Whether you are interested in pre and post fitness testing to measure the effectiveness of your programme or would like to receive custom made training programmes to meet your sport specific physical requirements, we have the expertise to cater for your needs. 

Specialist workshops:

  • Olympic Weightlifting
  • Sports speed development

Training sessions and/or programmes to improve:

  • Strength & power
  • Speed & agility
  • Injury prevention
  • Work capacity (endurance specific to your sport)

Field testing:

  • Accelerative sprint, speed and agility testing using light gates
  • Countermovement (vertical) jump height for leg power
  • Endurance
  • Movement screen

Laboratory testing:

  • Body composition
  • VO2 max testing
  • Lactate testing
  • Basic/complex blood screening

To register your team or talk to a specialist about your requirements contact shpi@surrey.ac.uk