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Physical Development Curriculum

The Physical Development Curriculum (PDC) provides a one-stop resource and education package for teachers to deliver the fundamental physical literacy skills necessary for children to develop:

• Improvements in metabolism and body fat levels
• Muscle and bone strength and wellbeing
• Correct motor skills and reduced injury risk
• Improved self-image and confidence
• Optimal sports performance

The physical preparation team at Surrey Sports Park have developed an exciting new PDC for schools based around physical literacy tasks for pupils of all abilities. A focal concept of the curriculum is ‘movement literacy’ development, whereby all physical activity is structured with a view to developing correct movement patterns observed in sport and everyday life.

Mastery of these fundamental movement patterns at a young age can advocate many longitudinal benefits – crucially prevention of injury, optimised physical performance and lifelong adherence to physical activity. The curriculum will prioritise fun and play at the heart of every physical development activity, alongside a strong ethic of pupil health and wellbeing.

Implementing the PDC

We feel that children will benefit greatly from the introduction of physical literacy work in schools. Our plan is to provide school teachers with the necessary knowledge and skills to teach the importance of correct movement to their pupils.

Whether your school chooses to implement PDC activities during lesson time or in extra-curricular activity, your CPD workshops will provide the tools needed to create enjoyable and interactive movement-based activities for your pupils. Alongside your CPD we will provide resources that will aid you in designing physical literacy tasks and activities. This will predominantly include a continually evolving catalogue of exercises and games, each with a demonstrational video and age-appropriate guideline for exercise prescription.

The content of the PDC is not necessarily restricted to P.E. lessons. Due to the interactive and practical nature of primary school education, movement skills can be creatively integrated into other subjects to aid a pupil’s understanding of other curriculum content. Imaginative and enjoyable movement-based tasks/games can go a long way in an educational setting, and the PDC will reinforce the knowledge required to ensure that pupils are performing essential bodily movements correctly. How these movements are used is entirely up to the teacher!

If you are interested in more information on this or enrolling your school please contact James Wild