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Strength and Conditioning


"The results I have seen having worked with James Wild and his Strength and Conditioning team at Surrey Sports Park this winter have been really encouraging. James has been fundamental in getting me into the best physical shape I have ever been in to race this year and yet I feel next year we will take large steps forward again.

I cannot get enough of the training that James throws at me and love the challenge that it always provides. James and I write my S&C programme together and I have huge confidence in what he suggests.

Of course, there is a huge serious side to training with the S&C team, but there is always plenty of light-hearted banter keeping the mood light. However, I am always finding new limits of pain with James and the other S&C coaches – there have been some brutal sessions!

I have never worked with a more professional, athlete-centred group of S&C coaches and I hope to continue to work with them for a long time to come."
Jonny Tye - U23 GB kayaker

"Having trained full time for four Olympic cycles many people are surprised that I still have the need for S&C support. They probably think after that much time in the gym I should know what to do.

"Well yes that is true but it is less knowing what to do and more how I do it, how hard I push myself, what variety I can inject into my training. These are the reasons that the S&C coaches at Surrey Sports Park and I made a great team!

"I looked forward to every session we had together. and most importantly for me I respected and trusted them 100% to tell me when to stop and when to rest and recover because that is my biggest weakness! As many before have said it isn't always about training harder but training smarter. I may be the muscles but James is the brain!"
Chemmy Alcott, former Team GB and multi-medal winning skier