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S&C for snowsports

Get ready to hit the slopes with better strength, power and endurance!

The dynamic and extreme nature of snowsports demands your physique to be in the best condition possible. From the strength to carve tight lines, the stability of the joints to withstand repeated impacts and the stamina to stay on the slopes all day long, we have the training programme to prepare your body.

Quality of Service.
The strength and conditioning team at Surrey Sports Park are working with elite ski teams and individuals in the UK and overseas. Our aim is to become a central hub for ski-specific physical preparation in Surrey and the UK. Now you can benefit too!

Young Skiers: Our team predominantly work alongside young skiers to physically prepare them for the demands of alpine skiing.

Competitive Athletes: Whatever your snowsport, from snowboarding to slalom, we can create a bespoke conditioning programme to optimise your performance.

Recreational Adults: If you have a ski holiday booked, act now to prepare your body for the specific demands it will encounter.

What we do:
To ensure optimal performance and injury prevention, our focus will always emphasis.
> Movement proficiency
> Development of strength and power
> Ski-specific work capacity
What you get:
Our specialised services are designed bespoke to your need, however you can choose from the options below tailored to suit a range of needs and budgets.

If you are interested in enrolling on an S&C programme with our highly qualified team, then please contact Tom McCann, to discuss coming in for an initial assessment.