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Strength & Conditioning for Endurance Runners

Many endurance runners avoid weights because of fear of bulking or feeling heavy. However, strength training is a smart supplement to a runner's programme because it aids muscles and joint strength, which can make you faster, stronger and less injury-prone. If you design your weight lifting programme properly, you can gain strength without bulking. Adding the strength you get from a weight lifting program can also help maintain good running form even when fatigued. In addition, lifting movements can provide a greater range of motion than running, therefore, if you lift with good form throughout the entire range of motion then you won't lose any flexibility and could even gain more flexibility.

Dates: Saturday 21st and Saturday 28th March 10 - 12

Price Members £40 / non-members £50

Week 1:
• Introduction to strength training and safety 

• Warm-ups, cool downs and foam rolling 

• Back and front squats 

• Split squats

Week 2:
• Developing training cycles and annual plan 

• Deadlift variations • Hang cleans 

• Mutli-joint and stability exercises 

• Practice

Sarah Hemington who attend the last course said: "It was definitely a worthwhile course and I recommend it for any runners (no matter what your experience) to do it. I gained so much knowledge from the four sessions that will be beneficial to my running, particularly to prevent future injuries which is my primary goal."

Individuals will learn general and runner specific exercises, and how to design a strength training programme.

Who is the course for?
The Surrey Sports Park two week Strength Training for Endurance Runners course can be taken without prior experience in weightlifting. However, you must be at least 16 years of age with a reasonable level of fitness. You do not need to be an athlete to take part in this course.

Length and format of course
The course is run over two Saturday mornings, during a two week period in our specialist strength & conditioning gym.

To find out more contact c.borg@surrey.ac.uk or book here.

Tel: +44 7809 239 141