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Off-Peak Membership

Want full access at less busy periods? Our off-peak membership allows access to all facilities at restricted times of the day. Off Peak hours: 8am – 4pm Monday - Friday and all weekend.

Membership includes:

  • Off-peak access to the health and fitness centre
  • Off-peak free group fitness classes
  • Off-peak aqua fitness classes
  • Advanced court bookings for off-peak sport hall bookings, squash and tennis
  • Free bookings for off-peak sports hall bookings, squash and tennis
  • Off-peak access to the swimming pool facilities
  • Off-peak access to the climbing centre facilities

For help with choosing your membership or for information about membership prices contact our membership consultants:

Membership Enquiries:

T: 01483 689111
E: memberships@surreysportspark.co.uk