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Car Parking

Parking at Surrey Sports Park

Surrey Sports Park has two car parks available to members and guests using our facilities from 6am- 11.30pm, Monday – Friday. The car parks are currently managed through restrictions that limit overnight parking but allow parking throughout the day.

Our Car Parks

  1. The Top Car Park (119 spaces)
  2. The Overflow (234 spaces)
  3. A third car park by the Nursery is available from 5pm- 11.30pm Monday - Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday, (220 spaces). This car park is University permit only at all other hours and is managed by the University’s Security department.

In addition there are 11 disabled bays, a drop off/pick up area, larger bays for up to 4 coaches to park and facilities for motorbikes.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) System

Surrey Sports Park introduced a new ANPR system on 1st May, 2017. This system records the number plates of all cars entering and leaving the two main SSP car parks.

  • The system offers 3 hours of free parking and requires no action from anyone parked if leaving within the time period
  • If a user’s stay is longer than 3 hours, the user is expected to report to Reception and register their number plate details and reason for extending the stay. A parking exemption of a further 2 hours can then be applied for that registration number
  • Any cars parked for longer than 3 hours with no details entered at a contact point will automatically incur a parking penalty notice of £70, reduced to £40 if paid within 14 days
  • All parking charge notices will be sent out through the post to the registered keeper of the vehicle.

In addition to the ANPR system, we employ Horizon parking staff in the car park at known busy periods to ensure that cars are parked in allocated parking spaces. This is in response to cars that have frequently been seen on double yellow lines, in disabled bays with no valid badge, in the drop off bay and in the coach park.

Penalty Charges

A Parking Charge Notice (PCN) of £70 will be issued where vehicle users;

  • Exceed the maximum stay
  • Return within 1 hour
  • Park between 11.30pm - 6am
  • Park on double yellow lines or hatched areas
  • Park out of marked bay
  • Park obstructively
  • Park in a disabled bay without displaying  valid disabled badge

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Following guest feedback, we would like to address a number of regular questions and concerns surrounding the new ANPR system:

Why is this necessary?

Recent surveys have confirmed what many people at Surrey Sports Park already knew, our car parks will regularly be used by people not using the facilities. Our survey picked out up to 50 cars a day parked but not using the facilities. The University also has an obligation to manage the designated bays that were given to SSP as part of the building consent with the local council. Allowing cars to park on yellow lines contravenes the planning consent but is also obstructive for those wanting to use designated bays correctly.

Please explain the ‘no return within 1 hour’ rule.

The ‘no return’ policy is the period of time following a 3 hour or 5 hour stay. Those popping to and from the Sports Park within these times are unaffected (5 hours applies when additional time has been granted at one of the touch points). Without this, users could park for unlimited time if they pop out at 3 hour intervals. This is possible with the varying academic and professional buildings in close proximity.

Why can’t the top car parks be members only?

Exempting members for the top two car parks does not deal with the volume of people parking and not using the building. Members were included in the cars that were surveyed. We also do not hold the same amount of car parking spaces as we do members. There will always be a period where car park 3 will be needed.

What will happen on event days?

Large event days which attract extra traffic will be managed on an individual basis and tailored to the need. We will retain flexibility with the ANPR system and can turn cameras off if needed. We will continue to provide marshals with the aim of helping people park their vehicles in the designated spaces.

Why can’t I park on yellow lines, some are not in the way?

The University of Surrey cannot add or create spaces in addition to the designated parking bays that were granted as part of the planning consent for Surrey Sports Park. Allowing parking on yellow lines, in grass areas or on crossed hatchings is a direct contravention of our permitted planning consent.

Does the system apply to weekends?

Yes – the system will apply 7 days a week. This will only change with known events and communicated in advance.

Where will I park for away fixtures?

The system is in places to ensure that people using the building are able to park. If your activity is not at the Sports Park then you will not be able to leave your vehicle.

Why was I not consulted about the system?

The system is being introduced as a direct result of member feedback and the results of surveys conducted by staff over the last 7 years. Surrey Sports Park have always been aware of the challenges that have been faced with the amount of permitted parking bays. We have tried to avoid introducing measures that may impact users but the constraints are now such that a management system must be introduced. With our system, there is no impact for those using the facilities up to 3 hours. For those who require more time, a quick check in at one of three touch points in the building will enable a longer stay.

Why do I need to speak with staff for the extra 2 hours? I should be able input my details myself?

We would like the ability to confirm what the extra time needed is for. Direct member or guest use opens the system up to illegitimate parking and the ability to walk through the building, claim extra time and leave without any staff engagement. We acknowledge that this may add some time for you at some point of the initial 3 hours but it is a quick check and a few digits on a tablet at either reception, the Health and Fitness Suite or The Bench Sport Bar.

If you would like further information on an of the above please email feedback@surreysportspark.co.uk.

Appeals Process

To contest a PCN you will need to contact Horizon Parking.

Write to:
Horizon Parking
Appeals Department
Waterhouse Business Centre
2 Cromar Way

Email appeal@horizonparking.co.uk or call 01245 392 289