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Reform: Technique Workshops

We know many of you in our gym work hard to reach your goals, but we also know you work out wondering whether you’re doing it all correctly. Sometimes you need to make those small changes to your technique, to get the results you’re after.

Our Reform workshops will help you become comfortable with the main exercises you need, to get the most out of your programme and workouts. From introducing you to free-weights, all the way to showing you how to set up the watt bike correctly, our workshops will help you reach your goals.

Members get their first workshop FREE!

Cardio Workshops:

Running 101
Learn different techniques to improve your running, whether its improving your form or mapping out your heart rate zones, building your aerobic base to keep you going for longer.

How to: The Watt Bike
Improve the effectiveness of your cardio workouts with the inclusion of the Watt Bike. Learn how to set the bike up to suit you and map out your training zones to create a more complete and efficient session.

Synrgy 101

Synrgy 101 gives 1-1 technique points over a range of exercises on the synrgy frame to work a variety of muscle groups and improve strength and fitness.

Corrective Workshops:

Mobilise and Activation
Get your body moving by activating target muscle groups through a variety of exercises and improve mobility through dynamic stretching.

Core Focus
Work your abs and oblique’s to improve core strength and support upper body posture which will assist training across a variety of muscle groups.

Free-weights Workshops

Intro to Free-weights
Enhance your workouts with an in-depth introduction to the free weights area. Learn how the equipment works, tailor the set up for you and review exercises you can incorporate into your workout.

The Deadlift
Gain understanding and self-confidence to deadlift efficiently or perfect your technique through breaking down the movement and working on individual weaknesses, creating more efficient and powerful lifts.

The Squat
Learn the basic movements behind the squat, gaining knowledge and confidence to squat effectively and safely. Or enhance your lifting ability through targeting technical weaknesses or breathing techniques and new muscle engagements.

The Bench Press
Bench press safely and efficiently by setting up correctly and recruiting the relevant supporting muscles.

Glute Building
Learn the exercises that can develop strong glutes to help enhance aesthetics, improve posture, alleviate lower body joint pain and enhance athletic performance.

Speed & Power Workshops

Speed and Power
Improve your athletic performance. This session is designed to show you advanced methods to improve your speed, power and technique.

Medicine Balls & Plyometrics

Learn new exercises to improve athletic performance, increase explosiveness and develop strength by incorporating a variety of plyometric exercises and the use of medicine balls.

How can I book?

Reform can be booked just like a group fitness session, available from £15. When you buy a set of 4 Reform sessions over the phone or at Front of House, you will receive a 20% discount! You can also book individual sessions online here.

When are the Workshops?

You can book these workshops for a time that suits you.

Does Reform sound like the right thing for you? Click here to book your first workshop!