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Fit for Living Exercise Class Timetable and Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Aqua Zumba

Burn calories, lose weight fast and have fun in the pool with Aqua Zumba. Aqua Zumba incorporates all the fun of Zumba high-intensity dance movements with a gentle support of the water.

Aquafit Aerobics

An all-over body workout, incorporating cardiovascular movements and conditioning exercises using various floatation devices.


An exciting new fitness programme that engages people of all abilities and ages in a non-competitive and inclusive environment. Sessions are tailored to improve balance, flexibility, coordination and personal fitness. Exercises are based on athletics movements adapted to create a wide variety of fun group exercises.


Suitable for all standards, getting back into badminton or trying it for the first time.

Boxercise Circuits

Light boxing moves and skills using pads, gloves and bags; all incorporated into a circuit based fitness class.

Cardio Tennis

Get fit the fun way with this tennis inspired cardio workout! No tennis skills required, although you will pick up a few along the way!


Improve mobility, strength and stamina in this station-based cardio and conditioning class. Circuits is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Healthy Walk

A healthy walk in the fresh air around the grounds of Surrey Sports Park and the Research Park. All levels of ability welcome, whether you are a slow or brisk paced walker.


Use of a private lane for swimming in the deep end of the pool (25m length).

Walking Basketball

Walking basketball provides low impact cardio exercises for all abilities, incorporating skills and casual match play.