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Behind the Diet

The starting point to help you learn how to take care of your body inside and out.

New courses in starting January - register your interest now!

We know that losing weight can be tough. We know staying motivated to eat well is difficult too.

Are you someone that struggles with yo-yo dieting? Do you lack motivation when it comes to eating healthy long term? Or are you on a diet that seems to have little effect?

Behind the Diet will solve your problems and help you turn your bad habits into a long-term healthier lifestyle by not just considering your diet, but everything else behind it.

This course is delivered by our in-house Dietitian Elysia Hockley and Sport and Exercise Psychologist Alice Wearn, who will provide support and guidance throughout the course and beyond.

Topics covered

Across the 8 week course, Behind the Diet will cover the following topics:

1.       Nutrition
2.       Meal planning
3.       Physical activity
4.       Environmental influences
5.       Stress & sleep
6.       Self-esteem
7.       Micronutrients
8.       Weight plateaus

What's included

Each session involves a seminar covering one of the topics below, followed by some basic, moderate-intensity exercise which specific technique correcting points.

Regsiter your interest

Places are limited so contact e.hockley@surrey.ac.uk to register your interest for our next course starting in January 2018. Want support now? Why not book a 1-2-1 diet clinic with Ely for just £20? Click here for more information.