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Fit for Living

Surrey Sports Park is a centre of health and wellness excellence in Surrey, guiding people to lead healthier and fitter lives.

We understand that keeping active isn’t always easy, but we can help give you the support and guidance you need with our specialist Fit for Living programmes.

Whether it’s trying to improve your life around a specific health condition or getting some additional support and specialist advice, we are here to help you make a change and improve your quality of life with our range of courses.

Fit for Living programmes

Surrey Sports Park’s health programmes provide you with the opportunity to take part in structured 12-week programmes under the guidance of qualified Exercise and Referral Specialists and Dietitians.

Our programmes are designed and adapted to meet your needs and exercise sessions are provided in a group or individual basis, dependant on your requirements.

Our aim is to enhance your quality of life by introducing long-term lifestyle changes that will help to alleviate the mental and physical symptoms of ill health.

All Fit for Living sessions provide increased knowledge and practical support in a relaxed and social environment, inspiring you to continue on after the initial 12-week programme.

Each health programme consists of:

  • Initial assessment of needs
  • Development of a tailored exercise programme
  • Monitoring of progress (6 week review)
  • Follow up (12 week review)

Fit For Living Partners


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