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If you’re looking for an alternative way to work out in the pool, then Swimfit is for you.

Swimfit is all about getting results and helping you achieve your goal, whether that is to lose weight, to tone, to improve technique or just to become fitter and stronger.

It is a fun and effective way to get those results you want, and because water is 800 times denser than air, you are most likely to get there a lot quicker than any other workout!

It is your very own motivational tool for the pool which you can do any time with Swimfit session cards or as part of a Swimfit Activate class with an instructor.

Swimfit Activate

Developed by swimming experts at the ASA, Swimfit Active+ is a fun and effective way to get fit and tone up by following motivating sessions delivered by qualified instructors on poolside.

Swimfit Activate are structured sessions which provide swimmers with the opportunity to follow a Swimfit Activate session card in a group environment, with the added benefit of support from a Swimfit Activate Instructor.

Swimmers receive an assessment of their goals and a recommended session to follow, along with support, encouragement and stroke development advice.

Delivered by a qualified UKCC/ASA Level 2 swimming teacher, Swimfit Activate enables us to cater for all swimming ability levels within a single session.  

To book onto a Swimfit Activate session please call 01483 689111 or visit Front of House.


19:15 - 20:15


12:45 - 13:30

Free members  / £6.50 non-members

Swimfit is supported by an online companion which provides the facility for swimmers to log and track their swims at www.swimfit.com

Swimfit Session Cards

It’s great to know that you can pick up a Swimfit session card at any time from the Swimfit unit found on poolside. This means you can still get the most out of your swim during general lane swimming and public swim sessions.

There are 30 Swimfit cards ranging from 10 lengths to 120 lengths. So if you’re aiming to swim 20 lengths, simply pick up the 20 length Swimfit card and get swimming! Why not aim for 22 lengths next time!

Swimming aids including floats are available to purchase at Front of House.