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Following feedback from a number of Surrey Sports Park members, we would like to remind all Surrey Sports Park users of the importance of checking in for your class, course or session when visiting.

Why do I need to check-in?

All classes, courses and sessions at Surrey Sports Park have a limited number of spaces available, and for many demand exceeds capacity. Checking in allows us to properly monitor attendance at these sessions so that we can offer facilities and activities that you, our guests, want.

Feedback suggests that there are frustrations around facilities being booked and then not used due to non-attendance. If you check-in when you arrive, we can see that you are on site and enjoying our courts, classes and courses. If you don’t check-in, we don’t know that you are here!

When should I check-in?

All guests should check-in at Surrey Sports Park when they arrive for a pre-booked class, course, session or facility booking. This counts for activities booked online, by phone and in person. Don’t worry if you are running late, you can check in after your class, course or session.

How do I check-in?

There are two ways in which you can check-in when you arrive at Surrey Sports Park:
- Using one of the kiosks located adjacent to reception or outside Studio A on the first floor.
- Visit the reception desk and speak to a Front of House Advisor.

Note that both kiosks can be used to check-in for any session. They are quick and easy to use, with instructions available at both locations. If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to ask a member of staff for assistance.

What happens if I don’t check-in?

If you attend a class, course or session without checking in then we will not know that you are here! If we do not think you have attended you may be at risk of breaking booking terms and conditions (view here). It will also prevent us from monitoring attendance which may lead to sessions being incorrectly cancelled due to perceived low attendance.

What happens if I don’t attend a booking without cancelling?

If you fail to attend or check-in to one or more booked sessions over the course of a week, you will receive an email reminding you of the check in procedure. If you fail to attend or check-in to two or more booked sessions in a two week period, you could lose your online booking rights for up to a fortnight and be charged for your next session.

I am unable to attend a booked session. What do I do?

From time to time you may have a genuine reason why you cannot attend a booked session. No problem! Click here to find out how to cancel your booking, which will allow other guests to book in your place and stop you from breaking the rules!